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Default T20 Auction Draft

Ok, so lets do Auction bidding. It will require 10 BC members. From a database of around 120 cricket players, I will name one player one by one, those of you who will be playing will bid for the named player. The highest bidder will have that player in his/her team. All of you will have $15,000,000 from starting.

With $15,000,000, you have to build a T20 team for a Franchise. Everyday I will name one T20 player and you have to bid. Every 24 hours, a new name will appear. Remember, you have to have atleast one wicket keeper and one Bangladeshi Player in your team. Also while bidding, you have to bid with round figures. Like let's say I give Darren Bravo, the opener member bids $100,000, then the next bidder must bid with rounded zero figures like $120,000 or $150,000 but no half like $125,000 or $135,000.
The BC member with the greatest T20 team will win. The winner will be based on statistics.

After the post has been published, first 10 BC members who say they are in, will be able to bid and build a team! I hope all the rules are cleared and if you have any question please ask.

(Format based on weldone)

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