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Originally Posted by Banglatiger84
Sung or orchestrated correctly, our anthem gets more praises than any of the other other subcontinental anthems. You do know that probably a quarter or more of Pakistanis have a hard time understanding the meaning of their anthem ?

If roaring melodies/aggressive tunes are your forte, there are many of them as good as or better than Kazakhstans: check out their neighbour Uzbekistan's, or better still Romania, the ever bloody La Marseillaise or the Turkish Istiklal Marsi.

The slowest anthem i have ever head is Taiwan's yet it is very effective. New Zealand has a similarly slow paced anthem to ours, talking of love, peace, praises and what not, yet its one of the most popular anthems in Rugby World.

Great info. And no, I didn't know that about the Pakis.I guess we will just have to disagree as most of this stuff is subjective anyway. To me our anthem is dead with zero potential. A change is the way to go.
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