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Originally Posted by oronnya
Peaceman bhai, there are so many things we don't like...for example lots of people doesn't like their name given by their parents but we still move on as that's our identity... we don't change our identity.. call us old school but we should accept some of these stuffs just the way it is..
Of course. And yet certain factions at certain periods of history can so easily tug away at our identity and change or at least bend it in some form forever. I'm just speculating whether we went wrong with Tagore's "Shonar Bangla". Secondly, I'm seeking suitable replacements. In reality, no Bangladeshi govt. will ever have the guts to change the national anthem for fear of the opposition making a big issue of it in the election.
The day con man extraordinaire Mushfiqur is dropped from the team, that is the day I will know we are not pussyfooting around anymore.
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