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Default Change our National Anthem Rant


I always hated our national anthem composed by Tagore. I always believed it to be a weak link amongst many other weak links which debilitates the country. I always thought Bd should have a national anthem based on ancestral hubris or the war of liberation. Perhaps both. It should be ferocious, relentless and epic.

Our current song is too nature based. It makes us weak as a nation to have two whole lines in the anthem dedicated to a fruit. And what if I don't like mangoes? Did Tagore not think the Bengali people loved grapes as well? I'm ashamed to say that Pakistan has a way cooler national anthem than us, and India's one is marginally better as well. My favorite national anthem has got to be Kazakstan's one. Check it out if you can, greatly bellicose, deep roaring melody. Awesome stuff. Ours is just so blase. It's even possible to fall asleep in the middle of singing it, and has to go down as one of Tagore's worst compositions.

So what do we do now? I say it's time to replace our national anthem with something more ferocious and sacred. Let's not keep this tree hugging, whale kissing, piece of boring anthem we have right now. Let's go with the liberation theme, it's always a great instigator of emotions and will never fail to move us. We shall never have to yawn again in the middle of the anthem.

My replacement choice is "Karar Oi Louho Kopat". This one.

Great beginning, plenty of guns, altogether a energetic crowd puller! Love it.

So what do y'all think should be our new national anthem?
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