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Originally Posted by mufi_02
In NY, the beggars have become more smart and sophisticated. I will give two real life examples --

1. One day after classes, I was walking to the train station. Suddenly this Indian dude came to me and asked if I was Indian, I said no I am BDeshi. Then he said he is from Boston and he lost all his luggage and that included his wallet and bank cards. He was well dressed and I kinda believed him. He asked me for $40 and I said I don't have that much cash with me. The ATM was next to me and he said he will return me the money. I got $20 out and gave him that. He gave his email address and phone number. He said he will get to Boston and return my money in two days. To this day, I call this number and no one picks up. I email him but its just a fake email.

6 Months Later, another such scam artist

2. It was in the same area. I was coming home after work and this old Indian guy asked the same thing, are you Indian? I said I am Bdeshi. Anyway, this old guy is a Medical Doctor who flew from California for a position in some hospital. His airlines lost all his luggage and now he needs money to stay in a hotel. I said I don't have any money. He said please help me, I am a doctor, and if you give me this $50, I will give $10G. I am like what the hell. So I took his number and I said I will go to my bank and get the money. So please stay here. I went to my work and tried to google him. I wondered if he is a doctor, it will surely come up. But nothing came up. When I went back to the street, he wasn't there. He completely vanished.
Mufi bhai aie boston shalai amarew dhorsilo ekbar. Bole naki taka nai, bus ticket kinbe taka dite.

I always run into this scam artist on I95 South on the way to NY. McD te daraya thake ae bole amar gari nosto hoye gese ar wallet sathe nai bashai rekhe aschi, 50 taka daw gari thik korbo. So far I saw him there at least 3 times. Next time ami bolbo ami mechanic let me see where is your car, maybe I can fix it. Dekhi ki bole
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