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Originally Posted by iDumb
Zeeshan, I am not surprised by your response. You see no problem taking governments money (u know the money that I owed to the state this year after filing my tax - goes to you unfortunately) and then you come here instead of saying "oh thank you, your highness" you accuse me of being dumb for working hard to make money and you are smart because you just ask for it, begged for it and I have the obligation to give it to you.

why don't you instead say "thank you".
Not anything personal against anyone, but if I may join the rant - I absolutely hate it when you have to give back to the government at the end of the year, on top of the 2/3 of every pay cheque that they take off bi-weekly anyways. Here you are, expecting a tax return at the end of the year, but you file your taxes and nOoOoO - you owe the government money. That too after paying taxes for the entire year like a good citizen. All so that some scumbag can sit on his lazy butt, do nothing and get free money from the government. It's like the government telling you that although you've worked hard all year, earned the money you make, someone else is going hungry somewhere else because he/she is too lazy to work and it's your responsibility to make sure that doesn't happen. Sorry, you made too much last year, time to give to the poor and lazy. Utter bull crap. This isn't democracy, it's modern day communism at best.

And what do I get in return? Free health care my butt. I've seen plenty of patients go into emergency and have to wait 10 hours to see a crappy doctor who doesn't give a rat's behind. I was promised great roads when I came to this country, but all I got is pot holes. Mayor says there will be no repairs this year, no resources. Arey beti nijer barir shamne rastar dhaarey gari park korle ticket dawar shomoy to resource er obhab hoy na, ekhon amare high court dekhaite aisos. Faizlamir ekta limit ase.

As for thanking people, I don't know why it has never been a part of the culture. There's a perfect word for it in the vocabulary too, it just goes unused.
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