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In NY, the beggars have become more smart and sophisticated. I will give two real life examples --

1. One day after classes, I was walking to the train station. Suddenly this Indian dude came to me and asked if I was Indian, I said no I am BDeshi. Then he said he is from Boston and he lost all his luggage and that included his wallet and bank cards. He was well dressed and I kinda believed him. He asked me for $40 and I said I don't have that much cash with me. The ATM was next to me and he said he will return me the money. I got $20 out and gave him that. He gave his email address and phone number. He said he will get to Boston and return my money in two days. To this day, I call this number and no one picks up. I email him but its just a fake email.

6 Months Later, another such scam artist

2. It was in the same area. I was coming home after work and this old Indian guy asked the same thing, are you Indian? I said I am Bdeshi. Anyway, this old guy is a Medical Doctor who flew from California for a position in some hospital. His airlines lost all his luggage and now he needs money to stay in a hotel. I said I don't have any money. He said please help me, I am a doctor, and if you give me this $50, I will give $10G. I am like what the hell. So I took his number and I said I will go to my bank and get the money. So please stay here. I went to my work and tried to google him. I wondered if he is a doctor, it will surely come up. But nothing came up. When I went back to the street, he wasn't there. He completely vanished.
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