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Originally Posted by iDumb
i dont know if is is happening to everyone one or not in your place but i am tired of all the freaken beggars on the street trying to connect with me and then once rejected gets very defensive/verge of violent.

these occurances are happening almost diff ppl. some examples.

1. a young man and a woman, both are european white, college student looks...wearing decent hip clohes...women calls me, hi, i smile, the guy comes forward immediately

"we are hungry give us some money to buy bagels"
"no sorry"
"why not"?
"because i dont want to".
walk away......the cursing starts .. fades as i walk a way.

2. An african guy with tupi on,
"assalamualaikum brother, how are you?"
walking away...
"mother f$()()$; .. on and on and on"

3. this guy in bike.... going opposite of me
"do u know where this address is"
"no i dont"
"do u have time"
"yes this is the time and i have go go i am sorry" now starts following me
ok for the first time i am a little concerned, i go to a nearest super market, spend 5 minutes buying crap, then abou to go out the door, this mofo is standing....unbelievable!!!!

4. my favorite and the biggest mistake...

a bangali
- " assalamualikum bangali?"
i smile
"baari koi"
"ami ek mash hoiche america aschi, kaaj pai na"
"oh accha, paper e khujen, dokan e giye jiggesh koren kaaj ache naki"
"amar shorir kharap"
now i usually walk really fast this guy is slowing me down but i am being very patient.....
"amar dudh aar dim kinte hobe, taka nai"
"amar kaache apnar dudh aar dim kinar jonno eto taka nai"
"ek dui taka den"
ok given this is is bangali i figured what thell lemme just give him a dollar... takes money without saying even a thank you. moves out of sight very most likely another person.... never felt so guilty/bad giving money to panhandlers....

to the bengali guy if u reading this, eff you! nxt time say thank you. i dont have obligation to give anything to some appreciation for "random" act of kindness.
Son, this is comedy gold! Loved it, should perform it in Carnegie or something. A HBO special with iDumb! Apple might sponsor you.
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