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Originally Posted by iDumb
I have shame. I work hard. And I don't curse and become abusive when I don't get things that I don't have the rights to. I am polite and appreciate immensely if someone does something for me without receiving anything in return. That's how I am different. Principals.

Well said iDumb bhai.

I was moron enough to lend one of my so called friend $1600. He needed to pay for his ticket to BD. At the time he was all thankfull and what not. 2 months later he comes back from BD I don't hear from him anymore. When he went to BD I gave him some things to drop off to one of my aunt for my mom. I don't know about other people but if someone lend me $1600 when I really needed it and than asked me to do something for them I would make sure no matter what I don't let them down. This jack a** didn't even deliver it to the right place, tells me he is too busy after going to BD. Now he is back from BD 4 month goes by he is MIA. He has enough time to update facebook status but not enough time to retuen my messages. Meanwhile I need money to pay for my own ticket to BD. I had to literally hunt him down to pay me back portion of the money and he has the guts to show me attitude. He replys to my messages saying morning sir I was busy. Finally after 7 longs months he decided to pay me back. The truth is even upto this day even if he didn't pay me back I would have managed somehow. Had he stayed in touch with me and told me what was going on I would have managed. But its the principle the killed me. Someone tries to help you out and in return you act like a complete jack a**. When I lend him the money I was staying at NY for my internship. I send him txts saying I'm at NY lets hangout, I told him to call me no reply. But 2 weeks latwr txts me and comes up with the most abusurd lie and tells me he has to go to BD and he needs money. As soon as I said ok I'll give you the money. 2 min later boom I get a phone call from him.

There now I'm done with my rant.

Sorry I went all off topic.
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