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Default @banfan

Originally Posted by BANFAN
So if you really want to deter such actions please come up with some better idea....not language..
What part of the word "rant" don't you get? The material was intended to foster feelings,not literal actions word by word. And what better way to achieve this by the use of rhetoric?

Originally Posted by BANFAN
Not through a roye hoque publicity.... Tone it down .. You aren't the first person to discover the corruption of our politicians....
Tone it down? I'm expressing my opinion here, if the piece doesn't appeal to you, leave constructive criticism addressing certain portions, or quite simply take a hike. Such general threadbare drivel as "you are not the first person to discover such and such" doesn't concern me. How about you tone down your threadbare platitudes?

And lastly, it's Roey Haque. You butchered the spelling totally. Please proof read for future reference.

Peace out Banfan,

God has put a permanent curse on the Bd team because they have not gotten rid of Rahim.
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