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Originally Posted by AsifTheManRahman
Yo yo yo, waddup Bangies? Roey Haque ma brotha' from da hood in da house homies! Yo yo check dis out Bangy, Roey Haque gonna bust 'em rich a-- thugs, save ma brothas and sistahs from different mommas but da same Bangy hood 'n make dis world a brown man's Nirvana! Dat some serious Robin Hood s--t goin' on dere, you know what I'm sayin'? You dig dat s--t ma brownies? Dig it hard ma Bangies, dig it hard cuz Roey Haque in da house!

Peace Out brownies!
Great joke. I see people are roaring with appreciation of your little comment.
But don't degrade our race to just a color. It's a range you should be talking about. In fact the gene that determines color is a gamut, unlike eye color. Meaning there are not a few clear cut types,but it's a whole range of shades from very dark to very white. Many Bengys are as fair as the Persians, then there are other Bengys who are as dark as the Tamils. How will you account them in your definition?

So please refrain from using such mislabeled,generalized, hate language.

Peace out,

God has put a permanent curse on the Bd team because they have not gotten rid of Rahim.
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