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I don't get it. What's with all the jumping around because of his height? Weight doesn't mean pace. For all you know he could be a 70mph pie chucker. (And don't tell me he looked fast to your eyes, your eyes are not speed-gun!) May be because it's Bangladesh, but 6'2 is a pretty avg height, you can find tons of them every where in US, or to be more cricket related in Eng, Aus.

And why do bengalies get crazy over height? I'm just around 6' and when I used to live at home, bengali people would come over, they would bother me about it as if I'm a giant. And it's not very shocking for me, all my cousins, uncles and my nana are very tall, all over 6'2, Im the shortest of them.

Stop hyping over hype over height or build, and look at Pakistan. Amir, Junaid Khan, or young Shoaib Akhtar.

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