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Originally Posted by akabir77
A serious note... First go to a traial for a big team like abahani, brothers or some others. play league games first then get selected for under age teams and then academy then A and then think about national team. Starting u r career asking how to play for bd team is not a good way to start IMO
Yes....say you are not good enough. Can you handle the rejection? Key is to love the game. Newcomers like Elias Sunny have been playing for years and had gone through rigor before getting the nod. It's not easy. Yes we lampoon our players but to get to that certain stage is not a cakewalk. Lot of hard work is needed.

On the other hand, you are young. You live in UK so you have certain advantage of playing with some of the best foreign bowlers in different condition. Also, as Mock bhai said you need to have at least some sort of financial support. If the road leads to cul-de-sac you need to fall back on something unless you are a prodigy and you know you will make it to the top.

These are the realities. I don't want to discourage you but neither I want to lull you into false sense of insecurity. And never ever give up EVEN if the RRR is 36.01.
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