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Originally Posted by Farhan_98
I Want to know how to play for Bangladesh. I'm not going to join as I'm 13 and from the UK but was wandering how young kids could get into BD SQUAD
Farhan, I would like to see you play for our national team someday, inshAllah. Keep up the hard-work and continue to improve. You can do it! We'll see you play at the national team in several years, inshAllah!


Members shared some valuable advice that you can follow. Also, if you like you can contact coach Ian Pont. He is an active member in bc. He coached the national team in BD and he lives in UK.

Posted by MohammedC

First thing first.

Do you have support from your family ?

Secondly if you are in UK

You are in the best place for learning your cricket. You just have to find the right club.

Most importantly.

If you follow Bangladesh Cricket you should know our lack of pace bowlers. If you can bowl fast keep doing it and use your spin bowling skills as variation.
posted by akabir77

A serious note... First go to a traial for a big team like abahani, brothers or some others. play league games first then get selected for under age teams and then academy then A and then think about national team. Starting u r career asking how to play for bd team is not a good way to start IMO
well said. Network is really important...talents with hard-work and dedication is the key.

Posted by LateCut

If you are what you say you are, you fit perfectly in the current crop of batsmen playing for BD. I seriously doubt you can bowl 90mph (90kph) at the tender age of 13. i would say you have better chance to get in BD team as a batsman. Let me caution you against becoming an impulsive hooker (curb that instinct). Learn to drive (cover, on and off) and have the discipline to leave wide balls (in the off side). Most importantly, improve ion your footwork. I played for my school team and at that time powerfull areal shots earned my keeps in smallish cricket fields. But it did not cut at the higher levels. In other words, learn to be a boring batsman and people will be knocking at your door. See, if you can join one of the many cricket academies during your summer breaks. You may not learn much from them but al least make a few connections that might be usefull.
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