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Originally Posted by simon
sorry to say but Alok doesn't deserve an official thread.
official threads are opened for Successful(internationaly) & busy cricketers.
absolutely agreed brother..he dont deserve an official thread ,no way..i strongly believe that he has serious commitment issue..yes its true that he is a "gifted,promising,talented" blah blah blah, but nothing can take away the fact that he has no commitment,no seriousness when it comes playing for the country.I think after ashraful he has given most chance even though he had no form whatsoever.Look at Collingwood,he never tagged as talented.But its his seriousness,fighting spirit that had brought him so far.Give chance alok his team..see he will act like he just "deserve" this and waste it very firmly..rather i would like to see Sabbir...(as a twelfth man of course,every player should carry water at least for six months before playing fr the country.....
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