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Originally Posted by MohammedC
I have made a big mistake in my team. Thinking Enam Junior played in internatiol match this year. I now only have 2 players in my team who have played in year 2010. which makes my team disqualified. Therefore Murad becomes the new leader. I am gutted.

1- Murad 764
2- Rafi 695
3- Riankhan 643
4- Rifat 592
5- Eshen 562
6- Nadim 552
7- Tiger444 484
8- Sy 403

-- Me 799 (disq)

Not to worry. even though I am out of this tournament I will run it till the end .

as for National player not available after 3rd round. so far we have

For transfer----Sy baba
Against Transfer-----Rafi

what does other say?

Mo bhai don't be was an honest sy bhai said this is just for fun..please don't disqualify yourself because if it weren't for you we wouldn't have this league right now!!
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